PT. Dirgantara Elang Sakti

PT. Dirgantara Elang Sakti

Our company is engaged in the field of Automotive One Stop Service (Gas Station, Service Station, Cafe & Restaurant), Printing, Chemical & Trading.

1. Secretary2. Graphic Design Staff (DG)3. Car Mechanics4. Public Administration5. Waitress / Cashier6. Helper Car Wash (Car Wash)7. Office Boy (OB)8. Security


1. Secretary

  • Female, max.28 yrs
  • Education min. D3, preferably from the Department Secretary / In English / Graphic Design
  • Mastering MS Office (10 fingers can type)
  • Active English (written and spoken)
  • Experience as a secretary min.1 yr
  • Attractive, min.160 cm tall, proportionate

2. Graphic Design Staff (DG)
  • Female / Male, max. 24 years
  • Min.D3 Graphic Design
  • Mastering Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, etc.
  • Preferably, once the Graphic Design Staff min. 1 year
  • Want to learn, honest and open

3. Car Mechanics
  • Male, max.30 yrs
  • Graduates SMK/D3 Automotive Machine
  • Experienced in a car garage min. 2 yrs
  • Willing to work Shift / holiday
  • Mastering the car damage repair
  • Diligent, responsible and hardworking

4. Admin. General
  • Female, max.25 years old
  • Min.D3/SMK Education majoring in Accounting / Administration
  • Mastering MS.Office (Excel)

5. Waitress / Cashier
  • Female, max.25 years old
  • Min.SMA education and vocational any discipline
  • Attractive, neat and clean
  • Mastering MS.Office
  • Thorough, diligent and friendly
  • Willing krj Shift / Day holiday
  • Placement in South Jakarta Jewel

6. Helper Car Wash
  • Male, max.24 yrs
  • Graduated high school / vocational majors dugwells
  • Diligent, honest and spirited service
  • Willing krj Shift / holiday
  • Placement in Tanah Abang Central Jakarta / Jewel Jaksel

7. Office Boy (OB)
  • Male, max.28 yrs
  • Graduated high school / vocational school
  • Willing krj overtime
  • Like tidiness, diligent and workmanlike
  • Placement Tanah Abang / Jewel Jaksel

8. Security
  • Male max.30 yrs
  • Ever follow security training
  • Min.SMA education and vocational
  • Willing to work Shift & field

Closing date 20 des 2010

Send complete resume and recent photograph to:
Or via post to:

PT. Dirgantara Elang Sakti 
Jl. Tanah Abang II No. 113 
Jakarta Pusat 10160 

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